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How to use our Website

Please see the below rules and regulations on how to use our website.


1. Registering on our website

In order to list a service on our website, you will need to register. To register, click Login or Register in the top main menu. Once registered you will receive an email to verify your account. Click the verification link to be directed to the Login page. Please save your login details somewhere safe.


2. Visiting our website as a guest 

As a guest, you will be able to search and view all listings. You will also be able to view the Forum and Topics, but you will have to be registered on our website to add new topics, reply to topics, and add reviews on listings.


3. Adding listings

To add your first listing, you will have to select a payment plan. once you have selected a plan, you will be able to add your listing. Please enter all the relevant information for your listing. Your listing will first need to be approved by admin to be listed. You can monitor this in your Listing Dashboard. In your Listing Dashboard you will also be able to edit your listings. If you have any queries on listing submissions please contact us at 


4. Forum, reviews and comments

In order to use the Forum on our website, you will need to register on our website to be able to create new topics and reply to topics. The same goes for being able to leave reviews and comments on a listing. Please refer to steps 1 and 2 on how to register. Please be respectful when using the Forum and when leaving reviews on listings. Any disrespectful or hateful comments will be removed and you will be banned from using the Forum and leaving reviews. 

Forum Rules

The #1 policy of the Forum can be summarised in one word: Respect.

  • Due to the continuous use of sneaky tactics by ex-advertisers and competitors, we were forced to implement this strict Freeloading Policy.
  • Please take a moment to review these rules before asking about non-advertisers.
  • The slightest derogatory racial and/or religious remark will result in immediate banning without warning.
  • If the system says a certain link and/or topic may not be posted, do not try to fool the system by usi*g st*rs
  • Multiple Usernames and aliases are not allowed as it goes against the spirit of this Forum.
  • Do not post personal details like emails/cellphone numbers/car registration details on the Forum.
  • BIAO has the right to ban anyone without warning at any time for not following rules that have been announced.
We thank you for abiding by the rules and hope you enjoy using our website!
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